Behind the Scenes - Our Embroidery Design Process

Join us on a delightful adventure as we invite you to experience the magic behind the scenes here at Fleur Harris. Come with us to discover an enchanting world where whimsical embroideries come to life to adorn the beautiful Fleur Harris apparel.

Step 1 - Digital artwork

Fleur's artworks are lovingly transformed into digital form ready to embark on its next extraordinary adventure. With great skill our incredible embroidery specialist interprets Fleur's design as an embroidered artwork sample onto a fabric swatch.

Step 2 - Submission received

Upon receiving the first sample, our team eagerly gathers to review it, meticulously examining every stitch and design element. If there are any adjustments needed to enhance its charm, we kindly request them.

Step 3 - Thread colours

The designer carefully checks that the thread colours harmonise with the overall collection's aesthetic. Each colour tone and it's intensity is considered, and if necessary changes are made to achieve the most beautiful colour arrangement possible.

Step 4 - Cohesive design

It is important that the embroidery is cohesive with the texture and colour of the fabric it's applied to. The fabric style and silhouette of each garment is carefully considered to ensure it pairs back with the other beautiful pieces in the collection.

Step 5 - Placement

The fabric swatch with the embroidery sample is positioned onto the garment with dressmaker's pins. We carefully examine its placement, angle and alignment, ensuring that its position enhances the garment's aesthetic appeal.

Step 6 - Product comes to life!

The embroidery is applied to a finished garment, and the team get very excited when this final sample is received! Impressed by the quality, we can't help but marvel at how the design and craftsmanship reflect our eye for detail and presents as a garment we are truly proud of.

Thank you for joining us behind the scenes here at Fleur Harris. We love the design process and it is a joy to be able to share it with you!

With love and happiness, 

Fleur and the Fleur Harris team xx