A childhood dream

When Fleur was a child, she knew her garden was a magical place... These precious childhood memories have inspired her to bring the enchantment to life through her inspirational artworks, collaborative endeavours and now a beautiful collection of apparel for babies and children.

About the brand

The Fleur Harris brand embodies Fleur’s unwavering passion for quality, attention to detail and practicality. Fleur is inspired by her dazzling imagination and that special kind of joy that comes from twirling the day away in a fabulous dress.

We value

Creating a beautiful and better world

Quality over quantity

Ethical sourcing

Dedication to high quality design

The team

Behind Fleur is a team of highly skilled, passionate, and talented industry experts. Together they have curated and crafted an exquisite apparel brand for infants and children under the banner of Fleur’s own name.

This collaboration is an intrinsic part of the process of being able to deliver the high-quality products that are worthy of Fleur’s customers.

Contact us

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