Fleur Harris x Walnut Melbourne

Fleur Harris stepped into the realm of children's footwear in a delightful collaboration with Melbourne-based brand, Walnut Melbourne. The fusion of Harris's whimsical artistry and Walnut Melbourne's dedication to quality craftsmanship has resulted in a collection of shoes that are not just footwear, but wearable pieces of art.

Designed with the playful spirit of childhood in mind, these shoes are perfect companions for little adventurers on their park escapades, play dates, and special occasions alike. Harris's signature style, characterized by enchanting illustrations and thoughtful detailing, adorns each pair, transforming them into magical artifacts that spark joy with every step.

The 'Mary Jane' canvas shoe

The 'Ben' canvas shoe

The 'Millie' canvas shoe

From cheerful floral motifs to enchanting Woodland prints, the collection captures the essence of childhood wonder, inviting young hearts to explore the world with imagination and delight. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, these collections offered not only style but also comfort and durability, allowing children to roam freely and embrace every moment of their playful journey.

With this collaboration, Fleur Harris and Walnut Melbourne have woven a tapestry of creativity and functionality, inviting children to walk through life with a touch of magic at their feet.