Welcome to a world of pure imagination…

Follow us through the rose covered arbour and into the secret garden of Fleur Harris.

Capturing hearts both big and small, Fleur Harris’ passion for producing whimsical creations is celebrated the world over
through her highly detailed illustrative patterns of spirited woodland creatures and fanciful foliage.

 As a renowned Australian artist, product designer, creative collaborator, and mother, Fleur weaves a magical sense of enchantment through her work, expressing a timeless sentiment that transcends trends and magnifies imagination.

 Having studied Fine Arts in both Australia and Italy, Fleur draws inspiration for her unique artwork from a memorable childhood spent frolicking through the vines of a Mornington Peninsula winery, with her family. Cradled in forestry and sun-drenched landscapes, Fleur’s
creative craft came to life through days of adventure and imaginative play with her three younger siblings.

The wonders of the natural world, particularly flowers, plants, and gentle animals also inspire Fleur’s work, and many of the flowers that she incorporates into her lovingly detailed illustrations she has grown in the enchanted garden outside her studio that she lovingly tends to.

Lovingly nurturing a deep appreciation for the beautiful earth we share, Fleur’s commitment to quality over quantity is showcased in her purpose-driven creations, affectionately crafted to spark joy and wonder in the hearts of those that enjoy them. 

It’s this love of igniting magic and enchantment for young and old that sits at the core of Fleur’s most beloved and exciting project to date, launching ‘Fleur Harris’ as a stand-alone brand.

‘Imagination is what makes possibility twinkle in the sunlight of your heart’ - FLEUR HARRIS.