Fleur Harris x Godiva

Fleur Harris sprinkled her magic into the world of confectionery through an enchanting collaboration with Godiva Australia. With Easter being a time of indulgence and delight, the partnership between Harris and Godiva has elevated the art of seasonal gifting to new heights, turning each chocolate treat into a masterpiece.

In both the Easter 2023 and 2024 collections, Harris's intricate illustrations adorned the packaging, transforming every box of Godiva chocolates into a work of art. From whimsical bunnies to blooming florals, her designs captured the essence of the season, inviting recipients to immerse themselves in a sensory world of visual beauty and sumptuous flavours.

Fleur Harris Chocolate Collection

Chocolate Bunnies

For the 2024 Easter campaign shoot, Fleur Harris not only lent her artistic touch to the packaging but also working alongside the Godiva Marketing team to curate a feast for the eyes by styling a truly stunning photoshoot. Hand-sculpted floral iterations of her artwork adorned the set, creating a breathtaking tableau that perfectly complemented the decadence of Godiva's chocolates.

A Dozen Flavoured Eggs

Milk and dark chocolate eggs

Heartland Collection Selection Box

With each bite, customers were able to savour the exquisite taste of Godiva chocolates whilst experiencing the joy of receiving a truly indulgent gift, wrapped in the beauty of Fleur Harris's illustrations.