Celebrating Father’s Day with Nick Makrides and his heartwarming journey of Fatherhood and flavourful creations!

As the sun rises over the picturesque cityscape of Melbourne, Nick's heart is already full, ready to embrace another day of laughter, love, and culinary adventures. Nick's journey as a father is a celebration of the modern family in all its beautiful forms.

In this special Father's Day Journal post, we're excited to shine a light on Nick as he shares some of his insights into his life as a devoted father, a loving partner, and a culinary genius.

My name is Nick Makrides, I live with my husband and our little girl Zoe. Although, she’s more like a teenager who’s too cool for us!

I run a food blog called 'The Scran Line' where I share my passion for desserts along with some family friendly savoury recipes to help get people excited about being in their kitchens. Cooking for me is almost like a form of meditation its calming and satisfying in that you get a delicious end result but part of my job is to find the best and easiest way to get amazing results!

Nick in his favourite place his kitchen!

Nick, Anthony and little Zoe.

Before we became dads, I had endless amount of time but since becoming a parent I’ve had to re-think how to spend my time smartly while being flexible with a toddler.

Luckily, our little girl is curious about what I’m doing in the kitchen. She loves to join in, which is one of my favourite ways to bond with her. I take care of meriting her understanding of food, while my husband Anthony is a high school teacher so he nurtures learning and reading.

Since Zoe has two dads, rather than making it about ourselves or the other parent, we make it a celebration of Zoe and how lucky we feel to be her dads. We’re either out having brunch or playing at the park.

We love sitting down at dinner together because when Zoe sees us eating the same meal as her, she feels encouraged to dig in. Seeing Zoe enjoy her food brings us so much joy.

We try to cook everything she eats to keep things balanced and keep her healthy and energised to be a toddler. One recipe that she’s always loved is my low sugar banana muffins!

These bite-sized Sugar-Free Mini Banana Muffins are sweetened with natural ingredients making them a healthier alternative. They’re perfect for an on the go snack or breakfast for toddlers and kids!

I hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating the little people who have helped make you fathers.

Nick x

To check out Nick's recipes visit www.thescranline.com and you can follow him on instagram at @thescranline!

This Father's Day, let us celebrate all fathers and father figures who inspire, nurture, and create.

With love,

Fleur and the Fleur Harris team xx 

Check out Nick's amazing YouTube channel.