Fleur's Top Nursery Styling Tips.

Introducing Fleur's Nursery Styling Tips, your guide to crafting enchanting and practical spaces for your little ones. With Fleur's expert advice, we'll explore how clever design choices and heartfelt touches can transform your nursery into a sanctuary that nurtures both you and your child.

Get ready to uncover the secrets behind creating a space that is as beautiful as it is functional. Let's dive into Fleur's invaluable tips for nursery styling!

Designing the space

When designing a space for your little ones, you want the room to be soft, warm, calm and inviting as well as being practical. For example in a child’s room, considerations like positioning a lamp that may be easy for them to reach in the night will bring them comfort. Finding the balance of what you want to achieve through design as well making it a sanctuary for your little one is the key!

Wall coverings

When deciding on what you should do with the walls of your nursery, wallpapers that feature interesting patterns can make a small room look bigger. If you are on a smaller budget, you also don’t have to place wallpaper on each wall of the room, the visual illusion works just as well by wallpapering the wall adjacent to the entry with an interestingly patterned design.


An easy and affordable design feature is a gallery wall! These are a fantastic way to showcase personality, and there’s no need for the pieces to match – in fact, the more eclectic the better. You can mix different frames, different types of artworks, and sentimental pieces like framed newspaper clippings from personally significant dates or a child’s artwork that they’re really proud of. They make for wonderful talking points and can really make a space feel like home. This is also something that will stand the test of time as you can regularly change up the prints & imagery to suit each stage of your child’s life.

Personal touches

When you are starting to look for inspiration and decide the aesthetic & style of your nursery, rather than following the newest trends (which can be more pricey!) choose colours, finishes, furniture and décor accents that speak to your heart. This way you’ll create a classic room that you love and that will stand the test of time. You can do this by starting simple, then adding your own personal touches that express your style with cushions, throw rugs, lampshades and decorative toys.

With Fleur Harris' expertise, you can design a nursery that reflects your style, stands the test of time, and fills your child's world with wonder. Explore Fleur's apparel and wallpaper collections here at fleurharris.com and let her whimsical approach inspire your nursery styling journey.