Meet our Senior Design Manager, Jacinta Van Osta

Come with us on a magical adventure, where beyond the woodland creatures and fanciful foliage the whimsical inner-workings of Fleur Harris are celebrated. Together, let’s uncover Fleur’s world; a world both inspired by her childhood days and the wonders of the natural world. 

Brought to life by an intimate team of experts in their respective fields, the Fleur Harris brand is excited to introduce these wonderful people as they unveil the inner magic behind each collection, beginning with Jacinta Van Osta, Senior Design Manager at Fleur Harris.

Jacinta works alongside Fleur throughout the design development process.

The wonder and magic of childhood inspires the design of each piece in the Fleur Harris collection.

Recently sitting with Jacinta, we found ourselves hearing tales and gaining insight into the inspiration and flowering of the Fleur Harris debut collection. As a widely collaborative journey from beginning to end, Jacinta works alongside Fleur throughout the design development process, as they harness the wonder and magic of childhood through the design of every piece. 

Describing her passion for children's apparel as her ‘first true love’, capturing joy through design has led to a long-established career for Jacinta, having now spent over two decades within the fashion industry, designing mostly for little people. 

“There’s something really special about designing children's apparel; the whimsical details and embellishments, the trims, while Fleur’s enchanting illustrations lend themselves so beautifully to each piece”, explains Jacinta. 

Diving deeper into the design considerations of children's wear, Jacinta shared with us the importance of fabric selection, with soft-to-touch fabrics certainly more suitable for delicate skin. “Embellishing a design with just the right amount of ‘practical beauty’ is especially important when creating comfortable children's apparel, as any discomfort felt while wearing the garment will result in the child taking it straight off!” 

Believing each piece within the collection holds its own ability to unlock imagination and joy, Jacinta explained the brand's dedication to creating heirloom pieces, where timeless designs and quality fabrics constitute a more 'quality over quantity’ concept.

“With so many of us embracing a more sustainable lifestyle, it’s exciting to design a range that can filter down between friends and family, while providing us an opportunity to tread as lightly on this earth as possible”, Jacinta expresses. 

Sneaking into conversation her own personal favourites, Jacinta revealed her most loved designs from the Garden Party collection, which include the Woven Romper, the ‘Broderie’ Tiered Dress, and everyone’s favourite, the Tiered Tulle Jersey Dress

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And whilst whispers swirl around the unveiling of the next collection, Jacinta was tight-lipped; while her beaming smile suggested something exciting is certainly in the works. 

With love and happiness, 

The Fleur Harris team xx 

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  • Sue Harris

    As FLEUR’s mother, I am so pleased to gain insight into the many ways she goes about her daily tasks in bringing together aspirations she has had from a very young age.
    It’s great to see she works alongside professionals who share her passions and have the skills and experience to help make her dreams a reality.
    Fleur has always had a tremendous work ethic and a unique ability to focus on tasks and dedicate the time needed to bring them to completion.
    Well done to Fleur and the team for a truly outstanding collection of beautiful and thoughtful apparel for the precious young people in our lives!

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