The Secret Garden

Fleur recently found herself on a whimsical creative journey when she received a special invitation from Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens to create a flower themed artwork for them. As a proud Melbournian, the Botanic Gardens have always held a special place in her heart as a haven of inspiration and joy throughout her life. So, when tasked with creating a large-scale paper flower installation for this iconic landmark, it felt like a dream come true.

This project did present Fleur with quite a creative challenge -  she'd only ever created a couple of small paper flowers prior and while she could see the vision in her mind, she had a 2 week deadline to figure out how to bring it to life giant size.

Fleur enlisted the creative assistance of her friend Sophie Brown, and together they worked all day and into the night building each flower.

Bestowing attention to the specific details of each flower species across each sculpture their hard work truly showed in the finished artworks.

Titled 'The Secret Garden', Fleur's art installation was completed in time and brought together a collection of oversized floral sculptures, predominantly crafted from paper. Inspired by the impermanent nature of the flowers that grace the Botanic Gardens.

Nestled within the window of the Garden Shop, these larger-than-life blooms were designed with one simple intention—to spread moments of joyto all who encountered them.

Fleur and Sophie proudly posing outside Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens 'Garden Shop' where the giant flower installation was displayed.

Thousands of people viewed the installation and shared happy photos of them posing underneath it's towering petals during it's time on display.

It was so wonderful to see how much joy these giant flowers brought to these people, and this project was a true testament to Fleur's mantra - when you wave your wand of imagination, anything is possible!

With love, The Fleur Harris Team xx