The mindful art of letter writing.

For many people December is a time to celebrate. Here at Fleur Harris, myself and my team are joyfully buzzing with a flurry of to-do lists in preparation for the festive season, while the closing out of the calendar offers us moments of reflection and gratitude for the year that’s been. (And boy, has it been a big year – we launched a beautiful childrenswear label!)

The concept of Christmas cards is very nostalgic for me, with a particular memory of the row of Christmas cards that would grow throughout December and be hung up on a string over our family fireplace (unlit during the Australian summer!). 

In our digitally saturated age, the gesture of sending Christmas cards, or cards in general, seems to be a practice that is rarely embraced these days. This feels like such a shame, as no amount of likes
on a social media post can match the warm fuzzy feeling that receiving a hand
written card in the mail evokes.

So with this in mind, I offer you a kindness challenge - and I’m here to help you through it! Grab out your pen, something to write on (paper, or a card - store-bought is great but handmade is better!), pick a person in your life whose day you’d like to brighten, craft them a hand written note from the heart, stamp that little envelope and send off that little parcel of joy in the mail! It’s also a wonderful activity to get the kids involved with. Go on, you can do it – I believe in you!

If you’re not a regular card writer (you’re not alone!) and think you might need some help finding the right words, fear not - I’ve got you. I’ve crafted the ultimate pick-and-mix guide for letter writing that will have you impressing them with your thoughtfulness and penmanship in no time.

Simply follow the guide below and enjoy the beautiful, mindful art of letter writing!

love Fleur xxx