Welcome to my world, welcome to Fleur Harris.

Throughout my life, since I was a little girl, there’s been many twists and turns. A creative life isn’t straightforward, but it’s a beautiful way to live and so one I have dedicated myself to living fully and with integrity. Always underpinning this adventure has been several constants; a desire to bring people joy, a reverence for nature and a never-ending passion for creating beauty – not just visual beauty, but beautiful moments, beautiful relationships, and beautiful experiences.

Fleur and her younger sister Katherine playing dress ups on their family vineyard.

Merricks North, Victoria, Australia. 1991

Fleur delighting in the ways of the the local ducks.

Centennial Park, Sydney, Australia. 1985

With this, I wanted to bring to life the whimsical world that exists inside my mind, a world anchored in the celebration of joy and wonder, where imagination soars and anything is possible.

This world, which reflects a thoughtfully conscious lifestyle and embodies enchanting delight, has now been newly crafted into something you can hold, a tangible expression of myself and my hopes for the world and for future generations.

Brought to life with the help of an incredible team, Fleur Harris now presents as a stand-alone brand, designed with intention to capture a kind and inclusive approach to life. Drawing harmonious inspiration from fond childhood memories and time spent as an adult tending to my treasured garden, the brand delivers beautiful quality apparel for young people, embellished with delicate details that present moments of delight, paving the way for magical memories to be made.

The Fleur Harris Collection

A culmination of all things loved, we’ve employed our meticulous attention-to-detail and selected beautiful quality materials with which to craft the Fleur Harris debut collection.

The collection is a feast for the eye with detailed prints, layers of ruffles and tulle, while also being practical – offering timeless appeal, where hearts both young and old can be captivated in a sense of whimsical luxury.

Consciously living with kindness and care, I aim to tread as gently upon the earth as possible, carrying with me values of ‘buying less and buying well’ and ‘quality over quantity’, and have designed these products to reflect these beliefs, in turn offering covetable keepsakes with meaning.

Magic Key

A personal symbol of mine, my beloved ‘Magic Key’ unlocks a moment of enchantment within every piece. Hidden on each garment and designed to be discovered, this ‘Magic Key’ represents whimsical possibilities and imagination, while serving as a gentle reminder that dreams really can come true.

So on that note, welcome to a world filled with wonder and possibility. Welcome to Fleur Harris.

I’m so thrilled you are here, let’s make some magic together…

With love, Fleur xx


  • Natalie

    So magical, whimsical and full of imagination
    This is just divine and beautiful Fleur! ✨🌸
    You bring so much magic, you are magic! 🧚‍♀️

  • Natalie

    So magical, whimsical and full of imagination
    This is just divine and beautiful Fleur! ✨🌸
    You bring so much magic, you are magic! 🧚‍♀️

  • Sarah

    This is a beautiful entry 🧚🏽‍♀️
    You are so loved and appreciated x

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