Wishing you health, happiness and days full of magic.

Through the chaos of Christmas, the madness of shopping malls, the end of work and school events, and what feels like rush to the finish line for tying up the year in a nice neat bow – it can become a very full on time of year, maybe even having you feeling a bit like me in my 1983 Santa photo below!

Fleur at Myer Store 1983

Fleur at kinder

Woven through chaos however, is something really beautiful. At this time of year we turn our focus outwards and spend much of our preparation time thinking of others. Thanking school teachers for their incredible efforts, donating to those less fortunate than ourselves, thoughtfully choosing gifts for loved ones and adorning them with beautiful gift wrapping, and preparing food with love to be shared with friends and family. This is why I love this time of year so much – it’s all about thinking of others.

Whether you celebrate Christmas in a big way, or simply take this time of year as an opportunity to rest over the public holidays, this time of year offers pause and reflection like to no other. 

With this in mind, I’d like to extend my sincerest gratitude to everyone who has joined me and supported me on my journey to launching this new chapter for Fleur Harris. It’s been a big year! This website you find yourself on now and the beautiful childrens and babywear showcased across it is the result of an incredible collective effort of a wonderful, passionate and talented team whom I cherish.

To you, the valued members of my community both here, on social media and in real life – I cannot thank you enough for the incredible energy you bring to this beautiful world we are building together. The kind spirit and emotional generosity you bestow upon me and the Fleur Harris brand is something I am grateful for every. single. day. If I were a tree, you are both my sunshine that I grow towards and my rain that sustains me. From the bottom, the inside, the outside and all around my heart,
thank you.

However you and your loved ones spend this time of year, I wish you health, happiness and days full of magic and wonder.

Merry Christmas!  Love Fleur xx

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  • Rosemary Gervasi

    Gorgeous Fleur! Well said! So happy to be party of your beautiful community! What a gem you are! Xx 😘
    Marcus and Mummy

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